testimonial mahasiswa Indonesia di Swedia

Having experience of studying in Sweden is truly precious. I received a very broad view of how education can be fun and attractive. When I studied in Linneaus University, the lectures were very helpful and assisting the student to achieve better accomplishment in the subject area that we learned. My improvemen was proven through my better academic writing skills during the thesis project. In addition, I got the opportunity to meet wonderful college mates from different countries and backgrounds which I really enjoyed to experience diverse multicultural environment.
Stefi Prima, Tourism and Sustainability di Linnaeus University

For me Sweden is an amazing and an unforgetable place to pursue further education. From the high quality of education, inclusion of student in improving the learning system, international enviroment and of course, Fika! The best thing that I love about the education and also overall life in here is how not everything is formal. Even with our own professor we could feel like an old friend
Cornelius Yudha, Biology Evolutionary di Uppsala University

When I think about sustainability, Sweden was the first thing appear in my mind. Therefore, the decision to go study in Sweden was right because I can learn more about sustainability issue not only from college but also from my daily life in Sweden. In addition, my program in Chalmers offered the state-of-the-art of the energy technologies and systems with the proficiency to undertake energy engineering tasks including assessing technical, environmental and financing aspect. I am really grateful to have come in Sweden!
Bayu Ardiyanto, Sustainable Energy System di Chalmers University

During the 2 years in Sweden, I have learn a lot, both from education an social life. It was my first experience of distance learning, where required a lot of self-discipline. The university has prepared a structured lesson and lecture very well. While studying at the university, I had a chance to take Swedish lesson in the municipality because the flexibe time I had. I would like to thank to Nordic Student Service for assistance during the process of choosing a programme and the application period. Titi is very helpful with detailed information about  Sweden and its university. I would recommend you, who want to study in Sweden to ask for her assistance.
Hestu Rahmayani, Child Studies di Linköping University

Studying in Sweden is amazing! This is my first experience going abroad and I think living in Sweden is the best choice since the environment is very conducive to study as well as to interact with many international students. I almost didn’t find any difficulties by studying here. Sweden itself respects the diversity such as for ethnic and religion thus I can focus on my personal development. Even more, this makes me easier to adapt to the culture.
Nida, Managing in Global Context di Jönköping University

I experienced a very different from my home university, but in a good way. The atmosphere more calm and relaxed, and yet the level of knowledge that you get after completing each courses is much higher. I absolutely love the way in which the lectures try firstly to be friend with us and then convey quality information through the course lecture.
Sapto, International Economics di Jönköping University